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       My teacher decided to step things up about ten notches this week, and all in all this semester wasn't so bad up until this week came about.  Of course it was a lot of hard work on my brain to do so much reading in so short a time period, but I for the most part practically pulled it off.  Not to mention reading TWO books on the side during our ridicolously slow weeks!!  Well...the Hunger Games I started on Spring Break, so that doesn't count.  Reading the 644 page "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," was on an off week, and one I honestly thought would take me an entire month to read!  To my great pleasure and surprise, it only took me five days.  And that's after having seen the movie five times previous! It just grabs hold of your attention and fills in what no movie could've had the time to prepare and film for.  It would be WAY to long and movie, and few people would be willing to sit through it all.  I don't blame them.  I like that they can't possibly cover everything in a book. It leaves for those who haven't read it, some things as a mystery.  And leads people to want to read the book, and it makes those who've read and forgotten the book, to want to go back and reread it again.  It usually does for me.  Something tht REALLY used to bother me, but now I realize is completely illogical.  It just cannot be done like the books folks! It's an entirely different medium!  Sorry. It's just some people are really starting to irritate me with their unfitted logic.  Try and confront these people to tell the truth, and a lot of them will go "ummmm....well they still could've____" Fill in the blank.  It will NEVER be right in their opinion, so don't even try.  Trust me.  It will just be a wasted effort. 
    Almost like those people forcing their opinons on you about whatever is wrong to them about the world.  They don't seem to go about it nicely, they just seem to want you to agree with them, or if you don't, it's like a screw you attitude.  That's not the best way to go about changing the world.  You don't FORCE people to see it your way.  You use facts, grab their attention in a better way, and they will either side with you or not.  Fight alongside with you in the battle, or leave you out to dry.  That's just how it is. 
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